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The time has come to sell my 2005 Ford Focus, but when trying to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate for it the mechanic noted to me the VIN Number on the chassis didn’t match the VIN under the windscreen or door pillar. Ford Australia has little interest in solving this problem, which is likely to be a manufacturing error, and Vicroads won’t allow me to sell it until the manufacturer advises them. Ford says to wait until they find the car with the other set of numbers, which could be between “weeks and months”. Can you help?


That’s a tricky one. Vicroads won’t allow the vehicle to be transferred to a new owner until they can verify that it isn’t dodgy, and that’s fair enough, but I can’t see why it should take weeks or months for Ford to trace the other car. All you can do is to try and keep the pressure on Ford to sort it out.

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