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I recently purchased a new 2016 Ford Ranger, colour white. It has amazing orange-peel in the paintwork. When I took it to my panel beater mate he said an assessor would knock it back if he tried to deliver a repair like that, but when I took it to Ford they said “it’s a ute mate, what do you expect”. I thought I’d paid $5000-$7000 more than the equivalent BT-50 or Colorado because Ford reckon it’s a superior product. Maybe they should start by teaching their Thai partners how to paint.


Orange peel was once considered the sign of poor quality in a paint job, but today it seems that it is ok to serve up. The response you got intimating that it was ok because it was only a ute is a sign of the malaise that’s overtaken the car industry today. It’s not acceptable, and anyone buying a new car should look closely at the paint job before signing up and handing over their cash.

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