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This information is related to buying used vehicles. Among the finest ways to make good savings when buying a vehicle is to shop for used cars other than for brand-new ones. Usually low gas mileage used vehicle could help you save a lot of money but however allow you to drive a trustworthy and attractive looking automobile. There are several advice you should know when you're buying the used industry. You'll find it explains advice for purchasing used cars as well as what to consider in a car.

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I am wondering what I should do with my 2002 HSV GTO, badged 84 and with 70,300 original kilometres. I have no idea if I should hang on to it or sell it. I drive it once a week a few kilometres to work just to turn the motor over. It is garaged in a secure undercover building. Would it gain value if I kept it or is it losing value the older it gets? I never see any for sale, so is it sought-after?


Glass’s Guide analyst Rushad Parkar replies: “The values of these models have been improving and are now quite strong and likely to continue to improve in the short and long term. This relatively low-mileage vehicle would sell for about $35,000. The market for V8 performance cars is quite strong and, with the demise of local production, is likely to remain so. Original, unmodified vehicles are particularly sought after.”

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