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I recently purchased a 2015 Mark 1 Ford Ranger dual-cab, fitted with a genuine Ford tow bar. The tow bar in question has 20 mm play overall up and down at the ball and 10 mm side movement. I went to a 4WD store and they rang another tow bar company; their advice was to sleeve it due to the amount of movement. They also suggested I go to Ford as it may be a warranty claim given the amount of play. Anyway, some young service guys looked at it, and said it was acceptable. I asked for the name of the manufacturer, so I could ask them for the allowable tolerances of play as I did not feel safe having my caravan bouncing around on the back of the car. I was told they have no idea who makes them, nor do they know what the tolerances are. They were not very forthcoming with any information. I voiced my concern over the stress on the pin. Have other Ford owners complained of the same thing?


No, we haven’t had other complaints of this issue. There shouldn’t be anything like that amount of movement, makes me wonder if the tongue is the correct one for the bar. Take the car to a towing place, like Hayman-Reece, and have them assess it.

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