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This article is relating to buying used cars. One of the finest ways to reduce costs when buying a car is to shop for used cars other than for brand new products. Typically low usage used car can help you save a lot of cash but still allow you to drive a trustworthy and attractive looking vehicle. There are some helpful tips you should know while you are buying the used market. You'll find it explains advice for buying used vehicles and things to look for in a car.

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I am the loyal reader with the trusty Corolla with 266,000km on it, which will only bring $250 as a trade-in, on the brink of replacing it with a Mazda 3 as you recommended. I can get a new Mazda3 Neo for $22,900 which includes rear sensors as standard. There is a $1600 safety pack option that does not include a rear-vision camera but has “smart city braking, rear cross traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring”. Is the safety “upgrade” worth it?


You should always go to the max on safety and auto emergency braking is a big breakthrough that’s worth the extra on its own. Sell the Corolla privately to make better than $250.

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