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We have two questions relating to our 2012 Mitsubishi Triton. We have electronic rust protection and have noticed some surface rust appearing. Is this normal or covered with warranty? And we had our clutch fail yesterday and told today it’s the slave cylinder and that it’s not covered under warranty as sand got in and cause a leak. We still have almost a year on our warranty and I thought driving the car for what it’s designed for, would be covered by warranty. We do go up the beach about four times a year. It always gets a thorough wash and clean after use.


Rust protection is usually a dealer option rather than a factory one, so you need to check the warranty document for the product to see what is covered. With regard to the clutch slave cylinder you need to establish how sand got into it. Was it because of a faulty or damaged seal etc.? Having done that you could have grounds to claim on the warranty, but before you know why the sand was able to get in you really don’t anything to back up a warranty claim.

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