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This post is in relation to ordering used vehicles. One of the finest methods to cut costs when buying a auto is to look for used vehicles instead of for brand-new ones. Often a low gas mileage used car can save you a lot of money but also allow you to drive a dependable and appealing automobile. There are some strategies you need to know when you are buying the used marketplace. It also describes strategies for buying used vehicles plus things to look for in a vehicle.

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I’m looking at the Hyundai ix35 active manual six-speed and the Jeep Compass and, comparing them, they seem very similar. Which would you say is better? and how would they compare with aftersales and cost of parts later down the track?


The Hyundai is a clear winner for me and gets The Tick. I get lots of emails from unhappy Jeep owners.

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tips when buying a used car . checking the exhaust .


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