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You may be aware of the transmission shudder inherent to the six-speed transmissions in the Fiesta and now Ford has issued me a “Customer Satisfaction Program 14M01” giving me extended warranty for a total of 5 years or 160,000km. My problem is that the Ford service person I spoke to could not tell me if design improvements have been made to rectify the original problem (ie. better seals or clutch design). To their knowledge no improvements have been made, which means this will continue to be a repetitive fault. I have tried contacting Ford Head Office, but they will not put me through to a technical person to clarify this matter. Can you please help?


There have been changes to the clutch and seals to prevent the fluid contamination issue, but only cars that have gone into the dealer with the problem have had the new parts fitted. The extended warranty is to give you peace of mind that if yours suffers this issue in the future it will be fixed.

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