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I have a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C250 BlueTec which replaced my 2008 C220 CDI Avantgarde and I have a major issue with the tyre noise. It has 19-inch rims with Continental run-flats and the tyre noise is significantly greater than the C220, which had smaller rims and conventional tyres. Benz indicated it hadn’t received any similar complaints. Changing the tyre pressures, either up or down, has made no difference. Many of the reports I have read on both the C200 and C250 rate it as a great car and make little or no reference to tyre roar. Can you suggest a solution?


We often criticise cars for excessive tyre roar on country roads. You’re another victim of big wheels and low-profile tyres on a C250, which is the sportier model below the C63 AMG, multiplied by the harshness of runflats. You need to get back to 18-inch rims with higher-profile regular tyres to reduce the road roar, perhaps test driving a basic C200 for a noise test.

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