Apple CarPlay and Android Auto causing headaches for manufacturers in Section BMW

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto causing headaches for manufacturers

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The “frenemies” relationship between tech duo Apple and Google and the car companies is showing no signs of becoming more amicable in 2016.

It’s an uneasy alliance at best as the software behemoths leverage their dominance in smartphone connectivity while expanding into their automotive clients’ domain by developing autonomous cars.

As autonomous vehicles make the transition from testbeds to viable transport how a car drives (at least in the short term) is less important than how it stays on the road.

The potential for conflict came to the fore again at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show when Volkswagen was reportedly forced to cancel a planned demonstration of wireless CarPlay connectivity after Apple vetoed the move. Apple’s iOS9 smartphone software is the first to pair with cars without needing a USB cable … and Apple is intent on managing which car maker publicly shows it off first.

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