Utes are the most versatile cars on the road, but should I buy one?

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You could argue there’s nothing more Aussie on wheels than a Commodore or Falcon – with the exception of Les Patterson dinking Steve Waugh on a bicycle – but neither of them is as unique, innovative or downright blokey as the ute: our gift to the world of motoring.

You’ve probably heard the tale of the farmer’s wife who wrote to Ford, many dusty moons ago in 1932, to ask them to create a vehicle for her that could carry pigs to market on a weekday and her and the husband to church on a Sunday.

We’ve written songs about them, organised musters for them and carried out circle work in them, but – just like so many other parts of Australiana – the real ute is destined for a page in history, next to Slim Dusty and people who actually say ‘Fair dinkum’.

It doesn’t seem to bother the car-buying public, though, as one in five new cars sold in Australia today is still a ute – the vast majority of which are imported, ladder-framed offerings like the hugely popular Toyota HiLux, VW’s Amarok and the attractive, and also locally designed, Ford Ranger.

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