Best new car deals for April

This information is relating to purchasing used vehicles. The perfect solutions to save cash when buying a automobile is to look for used cars instead of for brand new models. Typically low mileage used car can help you save a lot of cash but also enable you to drive a good and appealing car. There are a few tactics you should know when you are buying the used market. What's more, it explains tips for purchasing used vehicles together with what to consider in a vehicle.

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April is the quietest month of the year for new-car sales — but it’s still a good time to pick up a bargain if you shop wisely.

Families generally are away on holidays rather than kicking tyres and many dealers are exhausted from pushing cars out the door in March, historically the second biggest month as it’s the end of the Japanese financial year.

The brands and dealers that didn’t make their sales targets last month want to make up for lost ground.

It has limboed to a new low for the latest model: $26,990 drive-away.

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