Best budget new city hatchbacks

This information is relating to buying used cars. Among the finest ways to save money when shopping for a auto is to search for used cars instead of for brand-new ones. Often a low gas mileage used automobile could help you save a great deal of money but also enable you to drive a dependable and appealing vehicle. Here are a few tips you need to know while you are buying the used market. It also details tips for buying used vehicles plus what to consider in a car.

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Buyers on a budget will soon be spoiled for choice.

Less than a month after Holden gave its small-car line-up a big boost with the new generation Spark, starting at $14,990 drive-away, another sharply priced hatchback is around the corner.

On the Spark, auto adds $1700 (to $16,690 drive-away).

Meanwhile Hyundai is responding to the new tiny-tot challengers with its larger Accent hatchback.

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